About the Artist

Mo Schulte Is an independent musician living in Portland, Oregon. Mo has been surrounded by music her whole life, being exposed to The Beatles and other greats at a young age. When Mo was six years old, she heard the song “I’m Only Me When I’m With You,” by Taylor Swift for the first time and knew she wanted to write songs. From that moment on, she began writing songs and performed them for her friends, family, and anyone else who would listen. Over the years, Mo has fallen completely in love with songwriting. She loves having the ability to beautifully express such ugly emotions when struggling with mental health and heartbreak. She also uses music to articulate her love and gratitude for the people in her life.

Mo has recently started producing and releasing her music, and has fallen in love with the craft in a whole new way. She has a bedroom pop style that incorporates sounds of indie, and synth music. Mo has performed at talent shows with audiences of 1000+ as well as small events and gatherings. She looks forward to continuing to hone her skills and connect with others through her songs.